Will long-term mental stress, anxiety and irritability cause tinnitus?

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In recent years, the incidence of tinnitus among young and middle-aged white-collar workers has increased significantly, causing trouble and distress to many people. Epidemiological data surveys show that 20% of the population has experienced tinnitus.

Can long-term mental stress, anxiety and irritability cause tinnitus?
Long-term mental stress, anxiety and irritability will cause symptoms of tinnitus, and improper diet in life will also cause tinnitus. When tinnitus is severe, you should go to the hospital in time to receive treatment from a professional doctor. Don't be too stressed, relax, and eat mainly light meals. Also ensure adequate sleep.

Excessive work pressure, little sleep, too many social activities, and being in a state of high mental stress for a long time will affect hearing and induce tinnitus. Tinnitus symptoms are often severe in people who have negative emotions such as anger, melancholy, sadness, especially anxiety, depression, and emotional instability caused by fatigue, drinking, insomnia, pregnancy, and changes in ambient air pressure and temperature. At the same time, persistent tinnitus will aggravate these negative or unstable emotions, forming a vicious cycle.

Long-term excessive stress puts the mind in a state of tension. The inner ear is stimulated, causing the auditory nerve capillaries to spasm and block, causing blood supply disorders to the inner ear and neuroepithelial cells. Ischemia and insufficient oxygen supply lead to necrosis, causing tinnitus or hearing loss in the ears without warning.

To prevent tinnitus, start by developing good habits

High stress is an important reason for the high incidence of tinnitus among young and middle-aged people. Wang Huibing said: "In recent years, the incidence of tinnitus among white-collar workers has increased significantly, which is mainly characterized by high-frequency tinnitus, similar to the sound of cicadas. Tinnitus occurs in young and middle-aged people (especially white-collar workers), mainly due to high work pressure, lack of sleep, Caused by too much socializing. This type of tinnitus is mainly caused by fatigue and mental stress, which leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain and auditory nerves. The microcirculation of the inner ear is imbalanced, causing tinnitus. In severe cases, it will be accompanied by hearing loss."

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Tinnitus can make people irritable, affect sleep and concentration, and bring trouble to study, work and life. However, in fact, tinnitus can be prevented and avoided through various ways. Wang Huibing suggested that to prevent tinnitus, you must pay attention to the adjustment of your mental state and release work pressure through gatherings with friends. To prevent tinnitus, you should also start with daily activities and develop good living habits. In terms of the external environment, you should stay away from noise and strong sounds, such as construction sites, karaoke bars, and Walkmans., fireworks and firecrackers, etc.; in terms of diet, try to drink as little coffee and alcohol as possible to avoid the potential risk of tinnitus caused by central nervous system excitement. You should also pay attention to your diet as light as possible to avoid accumulation of internal fire. Eat less greasy and sweet foods and try to maintain a regular life. Staying up late often can cause the body to get angry and induce tinnitus. Taking in more vitamin B in your daily diet can effectively prevent tinnitus. At the same time, it is recommended that everyone perform appropriate physical exercise, ensure adequate rest and sleep, avoid fatigue, relax and reduce anxiety.

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