What to do if you are deaf?

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The ear is a very important organ of ours. If it malfunctions, we will not be able to hear the sounds from the outside world very well. However, some people in life will always suffer certain damage to their ears due to one or other reasons, resulting in deafness.

What should I do if I am deaf?
Our ears are very delicate and complex organs, so if damage occurs and causes deafness, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to our life, study and work, and some people may even feel inferior because of it. So, what should we do if we suffer from deafness?

1. Drug treatment: Drug treatment generally uses pure Chinese patent medicine formulas, traditional syndrome differentiation and targeted treatment.

2. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be tried: Hyperbaric oxygen has a significant effect on the hearing recovery and improvement of accompanying symptoms in patients with sudden deafness.

3. Hearing aid therapy: Wearing Hearing Aids can improve the patient's hearing condition.

4. Electronic cochlear implantation: For cochlear deafness, electronic cochlear implantation can be considered.

5. Surgical treatment: Surgical treatment is generally not recommended when it is absolutely necessary.

6. Habituation therapy: a new high-tech platform for clinical diagnosis that integrates diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus and deafness, patient management and consultation.

When we suffer from deafness, we should actively go to the hospital and cooperate with the doctor's treatment. Generally, we should first find out the cause of deafness and see if the hearing in the ear can be restored through some drugs and methods. If the symptoms are serious, you can choose to use cochlear implants, which is currently the best way to treat deafness.

However, for most of us, the focus of deafness is still on how to prevent it. Usually, we should go to less noisy places. In addition, we should not use headphones for a long time and do not turn the sound too loud. Doing these can reduce our chances of suffering from deafness.

1. Tinnitus,Deaf patients should quit smoking, drinking, and drinking strong tea, coffee, and other irritating foods.

2. Moderate physical exercise.

3. Self-massage and health care of the ears.

4. Control your emotions and keep yourself comfortable.

5. Communicate more with people and use your brain more.

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