Will three highs, noise, staying up late and drinking alcohol cause tinnitus and deafness?

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According to statistics, the incidence of deafness and tinnitus is as high as 20% to 25% of the population. There are hundreds of millions of people with deafness and tinnitus in my country, and at least 70 million people are seriously troubled by deafness and tinnitus. There are 8 million patients who cannot perform normal activities due to tinnitus. Life, work and study, accompanied by serious psychological disorders!

Will three highs, noise, staying up late and drinking alcohol cause tinnitus and deafness?

Tinnitus, to put it simply, is the feeling that we hear abnormal sounds when the outside world does not provide any stimulation to the ears. Sometimes, normal people also experience tinnitus, which is the legendary physiological tinnitus. That is actually the sound of our breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation, joint movement, muscle contraction, or the pulsation of blood vessels in the ears. These sounds are generally masked by surrounding noise and are only occasionally heard when their volume exceeds the surrounding noise.

The causes of tinnitus and deafness are very complex, such as trauma, explosion, kidney deficiency, otitis media, cervical spondylosis, diabetes, three highs, noise, staying up late and drinking alcohol, and long-term mental illness Stress, anxiety and irritability, excessive fatigue, inverted eardrums, colds, explosions, sudden deafness, drug poisoning (gentamicin, penicillin, streptomycin) and so on!

Staying up late for a long time can easily cause insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, damage hearing, and cause deafness. Frequent staying up late is very harmful to the body. The main reason is that if the brain does not get rest during sleep and is in a state of excitement for a long time at night, all the blood will be supplied to the brain to work. At this time, the blood required by the ears is not supplied in time, and long-term ischemia will cause deafness in the ears. Case.

Secondly, staying up late often will cause buzzing in the ears. Tinnitus is mainly caused by poor kidneys and insufficient kidney qi. All organs should rest at night. If the kidneys cannot rest properly, blood will not be supplied to the ears normally, which will lead to tinnitus over time. Therefore, we must take good care of ourselves for the sake of our ears and not stay up too late.

Western medicine currently has no good treatment options for neurological diseases such as tinnitus and deafness. They are some drugs that nourish nerves and expand blood vessels, but they have little effect! Western medicine generally It is said that Western medicine will be recommended to control it first, but the neurological disease itself will progress downward. When the medicine cannot control it, Western medicine will recommend wearing a hearing aid!

Remind you: 1You must pay attention to your body, do not stay up too late, protect your ears to avoid deafness and tinnitus when you are young; at the same time, you must also enhance your immunity to reduce the risk of infection.

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