Can Meniere's syndrome cause hearing loss?

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The name Ménière's syndrome, which sounds particularly awkward to pronounce, leaves many people confused. What is it? Ménière's syndrome, also known as labyrinthous hydrops, is caused by the accumulation of fluid in the labyrinth of the inner ear. A disease that causes episodic dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, and head pain. Meniere's syndrome is common in middle-aged people. It is mostly unilateral in the early stage. As the disease progresses, 9-14% of patients can develop into bilateral syndrome. The cause of the disease is unknown, and many scholars believe it belongs to the category of physical and mental illness.

Can Meniere's syndrome cause hearing loss?
Meniere's syndrome can cause hearing loss, and early intervention is required to avoid repeated attacks that may cause irreversible hearing loss.

Symptoms of Meniere's syndrome:
1. Sudden rotational vertigo, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, cold sweats, etc., which is aggravated with eyes open and relieved with eyes closed;< br />2. Hearing loss. In the early stage, there is no conscious hearing loss, and after repeated episodes, the hearing loss becomes obvious and fluctuating;
3. Tinnitus and ear fullness. Treatment: Pay attention to rest during the attack, eat a low-salt, low-fat, and high-protein diet, and take symptomatic treatment with drugs such as anticholinergics, dilators, diuretics, etc. If conservative treatment is ineffective, surgical treatment is required.

What to eat for Meniere's syndrome
If you suffer from Meniere's syndrome, if it is not treated as soon as possible, the symptoms will become more and more frequent. The number of attacks will become more and more frequent. Therefore, if not treated in time, the treatment will be more troublesome. In addition, to prevent the onset of symptoms, pay attention to daily habits and diet:
For Meniere in the elderly syndrome, it is recommended that patients eat some animal livers, as well as some kidneys, hearts, gastrointestinal and kelp, seaweed, soybeans, spinach, celery, rape, tomatoes, apricots, dates, oranges, etc., which are rich in vitamin C. iron.
Remind elderly patients and friends that in terms of diet, some foods can be eaten, such as fresh vegetables and fruits. However, it is best to eat less of some foods. Eat less or no refined sugar foods such as sucrose and glucose. The intake of fat should not exceed 30% of the total calories.
Analyzing Ménière's syndrome in the elderly, the main symptoms include dizziness, chest tightness and nausea, heavy limbs and tiredness, white and greasy tongue coating, stringy and slippery pulse, which is a symptom of dizziness due to phlegm obstruction. Treatment is suitable for drying dampness and eliminating phlegm, strengthening the spleen and stomach. Banxia Atractylodes and Tianma Decoction is commonly used, which can effectively relieve Meniere's syndrome.
For people with weak constitutionfrail elderly patients. It is best to use duck, rabbit, pigeon, soft-shell turtle, sea cucumber, etc. as tonics. Duck meat is not only rich in protein, which can replenish excessive consumption in summer, but it is also cool in nature and has the functions of nourishing yin, nourishing the stomach, strengthening the spleen and replenishing deficiency.

Fish is also one of the best choices for patients with Meniere's syndrome. Such as cuttlefish that nourishes blood and yin, yellow croaker that strengthens the spleen and appetite, whitebait that nourishes deficiency, strengthens the stomach and lungs, and crucian carp that strengthens the spleen and stomach, etc. But eat less warm-blooded fish such as hairtail, silver carp, and eel.


Although the name Ménière’s syndrome sounds strange, once you suffer from this disease, it will cause Various physical discomforts affect daily work and life, and can also bring sadness and sorrow to family members. Therefore, in daily life, we must develop good habits to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

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