Why can't the old man hear?

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A recent U.S. survey published in the Journal of Geriatrics found that nearly two-thirds of Americans over the age of 70 have varying degrees of hearing loss.

Why can’t the old man hear?

The inability to hear in the ears of the elderly is a manifestation of the aging process of the human body in the auditory organs. The pathogenesis of presbycusis is complex and currently unclear. Some data show that among elderly patients with hyperlipidemia, the incidence of presbycusis is significantly higher than that in the normal blood lipid group. Long-term exposure to noise, the influence of different eating habits, genetic factors, etc. can all cause presbycusis.

The inability of the elderly to hear indicates hearing loss in their ears, which affects normal communication. It is recommended to go to the hospital to have their hearing checked to determine what is causing it. Then combine the doctor's treatment and plan, if drug treatment is not possible, then go to the hearing aid fitting center for consultation and trial to see the effect of the hearing aid. The earlier the intervention, the better

Research shows that after 45 - Among people aged 54, 1/9 have varying degrees of hearing loss, and among people over 80, this rate is more than 90%. Among people over 70 years old, the hearing aid usage rate is less than 1/5. Among the elderly with hearing difficulties, the incidence of Alzheimer's disease is also relatively high, but relatives and society do not pay enough attention to the problem of hearing loss in the elderly.

How to communicate with the elderly who cannot hear

1. Try to speak to them at a normal volume, and be sure to slow down when speaking. Speak clearly and don’t yell loudly;

2. If you don’t hear clearly, you can use another way of expression or patiently explain to them;

3. Talk. When speaking, you must speak in a friendly tone, face the light, and do not cover your mouth, so that the elderly can clearly see the changes in your lips when you speak.

4. Presbycusis patients have a strong sense of dependence on others, so we should often talk to the patients in daily life and maintain friendship, so that the patients feel that you are by their side to prevent them from Isolate from society.

5. Patients with presbycusis not only need physical care and concern, but also need mental and emotional care.Physical care.

The reason why the elderly cannot hear or hear clearly is because of hearing loss, which further causes a decrease in speech recognition rate, causing them to hear sounds but not clearly understand speech signals. specific content. At present, the most effective method is to choose hearing aids and cochlear implants. The cost of cochlear implantation is relatively high, and most elderly people will not choose it. Optional hearing aids have become the most popular choice for the elderly. If you want to choose a suitable hearing aid, you need strict scientific fitting. It is recommended to go to a hearing aid fitting center for hearing testing, hearing identification, and hearing analysis to explore your hearing needs, then try a hearing aid and finally select a suitable hearing aid. Family members should also support and encourage the elderly. Because when the intervention first begins, most people will show discomfort. But after a period of adaptation, I believe it will bring different listening effects to most elderly people.