How to quickly know the hearing of the elderly at home?

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According to statistics, in 2017, China's elderly population over 60 years old reached 240 million, accounting for 17.3% of the total population, making it the country with the largest elderly population in the world. Among them, people with hearing loss accounted for 11.4% of the total elderly population. It is estimated that there are more than 70 million people with various types of hearing loss in China.

How to quickly know the hearing of the elderly at home?

In fact, we can find out whether the elderly around us have begun to suffer from hearing loss through some phenomena or speech content. In addition to watching TV and listening to the radio at high volume, when the elderly around you frequently mention the following, it is time to have a hearing test.

* The old man heard it but could not understand it. The sounds seemed to be mixed together.

* It’s hard to tell where the sound is coming from.

* When the environment is quiet, the elderly can understand what is being said, but it is difficult when it is noisy.

* When talking to a person, if the elderly person knows who is speaking, the elderly person can follow the content of the conversation. But if other people start talking too, I'm in trouble.

* When someone starts talking, sometimes the old man has to look around to determine who is speaking.

* When the topic of conversation is known, the elderly can have a good conversation, but if the topic of conversation changes, the elderly are often confused about the situation.

* People around him seem to speak very fast, and the old man needs time to confirm what he just said.

* Although I can understand the conversation, it makes me tired.

* Sometimes, the elderly will pretend to understand the conversation because it seems inappropriate to ask the other person to repeat it. It may interfere with other people's speech or make others feel impatient.

* Old people can’t really tell when what they’re hearing is correct and when it’s uncomfortable.

* It is difficult for the elderly to understand jokes. The other person must speak directly and not beat around the bush.

* When I chat with others, they will start the conversation and ignore me.

* The elderly are no longer interested in social events.

If the above conditions occur in the elderly, they may have hearing loss and should go to the hospital for professional testing and treatment in time.
Hearing aids are the most important intervention for senile hearing impairment. When the elderly find hearing loss, they should wear hearing aids in time, because the longer the hearing loss lasts, the more likely it is that the auditory and speech center of the brain will be damaged.The response to sound is worse. Wearing hearing aids as early as possible can improve hearing conditions, overcome speech communication barriers, prevent the degradation of the auditory and speech centers, and better guarantee the hearing quality in later life.

Warm Tips
In the four periods of hearing loss in middle-aged and elderly people, the earlier hearing intervention is carried out, the better the later effects will be; the earlier hearing intervention is carried out, the better the parents will be. The quality of life of this generation will be better in their later years.