What to do if hearing loss occurs?

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Hearing is so important to people. Poor hearing will seriously affect people's living conditions and quality of life. Some people are born with poor hearing, but some people gradually lose hearing because they do not pay attention to ear hygiene or other factors. of.

What should I do if I have hearing loss?
Once hearing loss is discovered, you must seek medical treatment promptly. When it is confirmed that treatment is ineffective, timely fitting of hearing aids is also a "preventive" measure to alleviate the progression of deafness.

Hearing loss is deafness, which is generally divided into conductive deafness, sensorineural deafness and mixed deafness. Conductive hearing loss is mostly caused by middle ear diseases and can be recovered after active treatment. The cause of neurological deafness is often uncertain. Comprehensive treatments such as nourishing nerves or blood vessels to improve microcirculation, inhaling hyperbaric oxygen, physical therapy and acupuncture are required.

At the same time, stop smoking and drinking, avoid spicy food and get enough sleep. It is not recommended to pick out your ears frequently, as it can easily bruise the ear canal, cause infection and inflammation, and may even damage it. Tympanic membrane, if necessary, it is recommended to go to the otolaryngology department as soon as possible for electrical audiometry, acoustic impedance and other related examinations to make a clear diagnosis and symptomatic treatment.

Be careful to protect your ears. Being active in a noisy environment for a long time or being frequently stimulated by strong sounds will affect your hearing. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to protecting your ears. , the ears should not be constantly stimulated by noise and high decibel volume. If you find that your hearing has declined, you should pay more attention to protecting your hearing. Wear sound-isolating earplugs when working or doing activities in noisy environments to prevent noisy sounds from impacting your eardrums.

Another important thing is to treat ear diseases in time. Ear diseases such as otitis media and otitis can lead to hearing loss. If these diseases are not treated in time, they may lead to permanent hearing loss or even complete hearing loss, so patients with such ear diseases must receive timely treatment.