What causes tinnitus?

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Tinnitus is a common otolaryngology disease. Although the symptoms are not serious, it causes a lot of pain to the patient. Even the honking of cars on the road is harsh to normal people, let alone the sound in the ears every day. Just think about it. Uncomfortable.

What is the cause of tinnitus?
The cause of tinnitus is very complicated, because the symptom of many diseases is tinnitus, which is an early warning signal for our health. There are more than 100 diseases that can cause tinnitus, common ones such as high blood pressure, anemia, hyperthyroidism, tumors, otitis media, Ménière, sudden deafness and other diseases. In addition to these diseases, there are also bad living habits that can cause tinnitus, such as, Staying up late, smoking, drinking, and feeling anxious and nervous. Drink very little water every day. For us ordinary people, I generally recommend that if you have tinnitus, you should first judge whether you have hearing loss. If you have hearing loss, rule out sudden deafness.

The traditional treatments for tinnitus specifically include:
1. Medication: Mild symptoms can generally be cured through medication, but this is only a way to relieve symptoms. It cannot fundamentally solve the condition. If poor sleep or weakened immunity occurs again, tinnitus will reoccur.
2. Surgical treatment: Some patients with severe tinnitus require surgical treatment. These are generally caused by diseases. However, this treatment method requires surgery when the patient has no choice, because this treatment puts the patient through a lot of pain. The pain is relatively great.

3. Currently, the oldest and most effective method is masking therapy - using external sounds to suppress tinnitus.

The effective rate of this therapy for patients with significant tinnitus is as high as 60%-80%. Based on this principle, people have invented a tinnitus treatment device that uses electronic equipment to emit Reduce the negative impact of tinnitus by using targeted sounds that the patient does not find annoying. Generally, hospitals have tinnitus treatment devices, but the treatment lasts for several months and the cost is high. In recent years, some people abroad have suggested using hearing aids to replace tinnitus treatment devices, relying on signal sound amplification to mask tinnitus, and have achieved good results. Currently, there are hearing aids with tinnitus masking functions on the market.

Practice has proven that this is an effective method, especially for people with severe tinnitus. Therefore, hearing aids used by tinnitus patients can not only compensate for hearing loss but also mask tinnitus.

With the continuous advancement of medical standards, the methods and effects of treatment for tinnitus have been greatly improved, and the patient's pain has also been reduced during the treatment process. Therefore, patients with tinnitus should not be tooIf you are too stressed, you can regain your health as long as you adhere to regular and effective treatment under the guidance of a doctor in your daily life.